Amazing Glycerin Source Moisturize Skin Moisturize Hair


Glycerin Source is a viscous, sweet, odorless and almost colorless liquid. The substance is soluble in water and attracts moisture from the environment. Glycerin is highly employed in moisturizing cosmetics. It is obtained from mixing vegetable or animal fats with lye, can result after the production of bio-fuel or can be made synthetically from petroleum products. Glycerin obtained from vegetable oil is the most valued one.

Moisturize Hair Glycerin Source:

Glycerin Source can be used as hair moisturizer. Glycerin is present in hair products. Glycerin makes hair glossy and smooth. Glycerin is one of the best known hair care ingredient. There are numerous recipes for hair care of glycerin. Here we will look for the best one:

Homemade Hydrating Glycerin Source Hair Spray Recipe:


  • 1 part of pure vegetable glycerin.
  • 5 parts of water.
  • A few drops of any essential oil.

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle, shake well. Spray on hair after showering.

Moisturize Skin Glycerin Source:

Want to have a beautiful soft skin? A blend of rosewater and glycerin is just what you need. Rosewater when combined with glycerin makes skin healthy and radiant. They hydrate your skin and make it glowing.

When you use glycerin and rosewater on your face and skin, you gain a wide range of benefits. These includes following:

  • Moisturize Skin: In winter you can use this toner to get hydrated skin. It will protect your skin from polluted environment.
  • Treat Skin conditions: Eczema and dermatitis can be cured with the blend of rosewater and glycerin. It reduces irritation and inflammation on skin.
  • Balance pH level: The optimum pH of skin is 3. Well-balanced pH level of skin prevents different type of skin disorders.

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