Brinjal Vegetable Cure Health Most Famous Vegetable


Brinjal Vegetable or Eggplant is one of the most famous vegetable which is cooked throughout the world along with taro root, potato and meat or alone. Scientific name of Brinjal is Solanummelongena. It tastes faded. It is available throughout the year. It has two types , One is long and round. Small Brinjal Vegetable taste more good than long ones. They are native to China and India. It is commonly called eggplant in North America and New Zealand. British uses the French words aubergine. It is nutritious vegetable.

Brinjal Vegetable Nutrients:

It contains copper, manganese, potassium, fiber, amino acid, folate, Vitamin A,B,C, thiamine, niacin. It contains folate that’s why it change its color when it is cutted or peeled off. Vitamin C supports immune system. It also contains Vitamin E and K but in small quantity. It is one of the most healthiest vegetable. But it doesnot contain other minerals. It is a source of complex carbohydrates. Brinjal cure many diseases.

Brinjal Vegetable
Brinjal Vegetable

For Swelling :

Brinjal Vegetable cures swelling and sprain issue effectively. Cut the small pieces of brinjal add some salt and heat it till it softens in a pan. After it softens, tie it on the affected area. It gives best results.

Prevents Cancer:

Brinjal contains fibres and antioxidants which prevents cancer. Fibre clears the toxins of the digestive tract. It also prevents colon cancer. Antioxidants helps to fight with the damage cells.

Blood Pressure control:

Potassium present in brinjal helps to maintain the blood pressure by neutralizing the effects of sodium on the body. Anthocynanins present in brinjal lowers the blood pressure.

Prevents Heart diseases:

Brinjals are good for heart. Being rich in phytonutrients and  vitamins it reduces the risk of heart attack.

For Diabetes:

Brinjals contain low carbohydrates and high fibre content. High fibre helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Lowers  Cholestrol:

Brinjal contains chlorogenic acid which lowers the cholesterol.

Brain Boost:

Brinjal contains phytonutrients which protects cell membrane. It boosts memory and nerve impulse.

For Stomach:

Brinjal boosts the stomach. Increases hunger. Cures gastric issue.

For Crack hands and feet:

Grind cooked brinjal and mix it with Vaseline. Those who have cracked heel and hands use this to cure damage skin.

Some keyfacts about brinjal:
  • It cures urine problems.
  • Those suffering from lack of sleep should not eat brinjal.
  • Those suffering from fever should not eat brinjal.
  • Manganese present in brinjal improves memory.
  • BrinjalCurry controls cholesterol.
  • For sweating on hands boil brinjal and apply it on your hands. It is effective.
  • Instead of a metal knife use stainless steel knife while cutting brinjal it prevents chemical reactions between knife and brinjal nutrients.
  • Put brinjal in salt water to make it free from the compounds which changes its taste.
  • Brinjal is baked, toasted, steamed or grilled.
  • It also prevents osteoporosis.
  • It protect infants from birth defects.
  • It also help to lose weight because it contain no fat or cholesterol.
  • It helps to prevent anemia, as it contains little amount of iron.
  • Don’t take brinjals in large quantity.


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