Healthiest Fruit Apricot Beautiful Orange Colored Fruit


Today’s Topic is Healthiest Fruit. Apricots are small beautiful orange colored fruit which are well known for their delicious taste and are commonly grown worldwide. They are enjoyed as a fresh fruit as well as dried. They own a velvety skin and are fleshy inside: not too much juicy but emphatically smooth and confection and contains a kernel (seed) within it. Apricots are said to be the first sign of summer because they full of beta-carotene and fiber. Granting dried and canned apricots are offered throughout the year but apricot devotees still wait for the fresh and fleshy apricots. They are highly perishable as a fresh fruit, so often canned or dried.Apricots are said to be the relative to peaches due to its velvety and fleshy texture.

Healthiest Fruit Apricot:

Healthiest Fruit
Healthiest Fruit

Apricots Healthiest Fruit are initially from China but arrived in Europe via Armenia, that’s why the scientific name of apricot is Prunusarmenaica. Turkey, Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, U.S.A and France are stellar producers of fresh apricots.

Apricots fruit is not tree-ripened until they seem to be rich orange color, do not ripened them if they are pale or yellow. Apricot fruit shout be slightly soft so it may taste best. Most antioxidant  fruits are fully ripened fruits.

Healthiest Fruit Apricots kernel (Seed):

Kernel is the seed present inside the apricot healthiest fruit. Kernels seem to be very cute heart shaped shell. In certain forms it is nutritious and tasty but it have uttermost consequence on human anatomy. Apricot seed look like almond, but is way quite smaller in size. Kernels are brown in color and have three different flavors, sweet, little bitter and a natural mild taste. They smell like apricot fruit when freshly taken out but after sometimes of being taken out they smell like a plain earth.

Nutritional Outline:

Vitamin-A and carotenes are richly present in apricot fruit. 64% of daily required level vitamin-A is found in 100grams of fresh apricot. Antioxidant properties are present in fresh apricots and are known to be essential for vision whereas Carotenes helps protect the body from lung and oral cavity cancers.


Apricots are outstanding source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and a very good source of potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and manganese. Potassium is said to be a heart-healthy mineral and helps in regulating heart rate and blood pressure.

Apricot Fruit for SkinCare:

  • Due to high content of vitamin C apricot oil is said to be best source to moisturize the damaged skin and make it soften for long time.
  • Apricot oil helps to reduce wrinkles.
  • Creams containing apricot exacts helps in removing blackheads and leaves your smooth and radiant by accelerating fresh cell growth.
  • It also copes with all skin issues and improves skin tone.
  • Apricot kernel (seeds) is supposed to be helpful in cancer treatment.

Beware before using dry apricots because they are often bleached with sulfite gas to extend their shelf life. Asthmatic patients are strictly prohibited for intake of dried apricots. 


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