Interesting Facts of Orange Fruit


Interesting Facts of Orange Fruit in Urdu, It is called “Sangtara”. In English it is called “orange”. The tree of orange Fruit is of normal height. The orange leaves are refreshing and white colored. It is cultivated in Pakistan, India, South Asia, Rome, and in European countries. It belongs to citrus species, family Rutaceae. Scientific name of orange is Citrus. Orange is an amazing and healthiest fruit. It has sweet taste. It has no fat, cholesterol or sodium. Oranges are well known for their Vitamin C content.

Interesting Facts Orange Nutrients:

Interesting Facts Of Oranges are known for its concentration of Vitamin C.  Oranges contain 93% of vitamin C. It contains fiber, foliate, Vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, copper, potassium, and calcium. It contains carotenoids, anthocyanins, and a variety of polyphenols. Orange juice helps to relieve oxidative stress. It also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and iron. Magnesium,protein, carbohydrate.

Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts

Orange Fruit For Skin:

Vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles of the skin. It makes skin beautiful by fighting against the sun and pollution. It improves skin texture and uneven skin tone.

Immune System:

Free radicals in the body may lead to chronic conditions such as cancer and heart diseases. Oranges helps to reduce the risk of chronic conditions. They boost immune system to fight with everyday viruses.


Cholesterol compounds present in the gut is pushed out in the elimination process by fiber present in oranges. High cholesterol is decreased if orange juice is taken for 60 days.

Interesting Facts Of Heart:

Oranges contain all essential compounds good for heart health. Especially potassium which allows electricity to pass through the body, which keeps your heartbeat normal. Potassium is also good for controlling blood pressure. Foliate present in oranges reduces the risk of cardiovascular risk factor.


Oranges contains Vitamin A which helps to improve vision.


Risk of colon cancer is reduced by Vitamin C. Consuming oranges in first two years of life may reduce childhood leukemia.

For Weight loss:

Fiber is rich in oranges which help to reduce the risk of obesity. Consuming oranges or orange juice can help to reduce weight. It also improves digestion.


Fiber helps to lower sugar level of blood in people with type 1 diabetes. And improves insulin level in type 2 diabetes.

Amazing Facts:
  • For dark spots on skin, orange peel is beneficial. Blend orange peel with water. Apply this paste.
  • Orange juice helps to cure urine problems.
  • Typhoid patients should take oranges with oatmeal. It is a best source of energy.
  • Ulcer patients should take oranges. Vitamin C presents in orange kills the bacteria which causes ulcer.
  • Orange juice reduces the risk of osteoporosis in old age.
  • Oranges reduces the risk of respiratory diseases.
  • Orange pith, white substance between peel and flesh is rich in fiber.
  • Orange juice contains more calories than a simple orange.
  • It also prevents liver cancer.
  • Powder of Orange peel which is rich in antioxidants is useful in lightening skin complexion.
  • Interesting Facts Of Orange blossom is also used in perfume making.
  • Oranges gets mold when exposed to moisture so it should be wrapped in a plastic bag.


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