Papaya Fruit An Amazing And Healthiest Fruits


Papaya Fruit is the spherical or pear shaped fruit was called the “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus because of its delightful taste. It is one of the healthiest fruits.

Papaya Fruit Health Benefits:

  • Scientific name for Papaya is Carica Papaya.
  • It contains Vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, Vitamin A, potassium, and much more. Vitamin C is richly present in it.
  • It has countless advantages for health, skin, and beauty. It is an amazing fruit.
  • It is grown in the hot regions of the world.
  • In ancient times it was used as a cure of many diseases. Papaya is an integral part of human diet for hundreds of years. It acts beneficially on the human health.
  • Papaya reduces the risk of heart attack, diabetes, cancer. Improves digestion with the help of an enzyme papain, control blood pressure, maintain the glucose level in diabetic patients.
  • Zeaxanthin and antioxidant found in papaya play a protective role in eye health. It also cures inflammation. It also heals skin.
  • It also prevents Asthma.
  • It contains Vitamin K which helps to rebuild bones. It also contains proteins and carbohydrates. It is a very good source of foliate.
  • A small papaya contains 300% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C.
Papaya Fruit
Papaya Fruit

Papaya For Skin:

Papaya Fruit makes your skin flawless because of its active enzymes. Following are the remedies for your skin care:


  • 1 tablespoon mashed papaya
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Mix together and then wash your face after 30 minutes.


Papaya Fruit helps to clear uneven tone.

  • 1 tablespoon papaya juice
  • Cotton balls
  • Soak the cotton balls and apply to the affected areas.
  • It also reduces wrinkles and dark circles under eyes.
Papaya Fruit
Papaya Fruit

Papaya For Hair:

Papaya contains Vitamin A which is essential for Hair health.

  • Papaya creates volume
  • Prevents balding
  • Prevents dandruff

Hair Mask for Split Ends:

Split ends can be tackled through this simple papaya hair mask.

  • Take half ripe papaya and blend it with ¼ cup olive oil and ½ tablespoon honey.
  • Coat your hair with this mask and get silky split ends free hair.

Tips for Preparing and Cooking:

Papaya is the most healthiest and amazing fruit and can be used in different ways. It can be eaten as is, added to a fruit salad. The easiest way is to eat papaya like a melon. For a little extra zest squeeze lemon juice on papaya and then enjoy it,

Papaya Fruit
Papaya Fruit

Papaya For Weight Loss:

Papaya is one of the most healthiest and amazing fruit which has numerous benefits. You can also easily lose weight with Papaya Fruit. Would you like to know how?

  • Papaya can be eaten raw or cut into small cubes
  • You can prepare a papaya smoothie in your morning breakfast.


Mashed papaya

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Any other fruit(optional)

Blend the ingredients and your smoothie is ready.

Papaya seeds:
  • Most people discard black seeds of papaya. They are actually edible. They contain high amount of proteolysis enzymes.
  • They cure kidney failure.
  • Eliminate harmful substances and parasites that live in
  • Protect the liver.
  • It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It prevents the body from absorbing fats.

When buying papayas, look for the yellow ones. Don’t go for hard papayait never ripe properly.


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