Perfect Skin Tips With 7 Ways


Everyone knows atleast one women with seemingly perfect skin. Every time you see her glowing face, you think, seriously how does she do it? Looking for a simple, easy-to-follow skin care tips that fit your hectic schedule?

Looking no further, here we breakdown some tips for you! Pulses are highly nutritious and low in fat and cholesterol. Many varieties of pulses are available. Pulses can also be used as effective scrubs. It removes dirt, dead cells and gave you a soft, fresh skin. Following are scrub recipes to get glowing and perfect skin:

Perfect Skin Tips 7 Ways:

1st way:

  • 2 spoon chickpeas, 2 spoon petite yellow lentils, Soak them in water for half hour. Then grind it. Add half teaspoon of turmeric and some drops of almond oil. Mix well now massage on your face with this mixture.

2nd way:

  • 3 spoon red lentils, 2 almonds, Soak them in water for 2 hours. Now grind it add lemon juice and some drops of olive oil. Massage it for 3-4 minutes. It gives you a refreshing look.

3rd way:

  • 2 spoon chickpeas powder, Sandalwood powder half spoon, turmeric ¼ spoons. Mix these ingredients with rose water. And apply it.

4th way:

  • Petite yellow lentils powder 2 spoons, grind almond one spoon, rose petals powder half spoon. Add some milk for consistency. Make a paste and massage it for 3-4 minutes.

5th way:

  • 2 spoon red lentils powder, Neem(nim) leaves powder half spoon, dried basil leaves powder half spoon, almond oil some drops. Make a paste and massage for few minutes.
6th way:
  • Soak 2 spoon chickpeas in 4 spoon milk. Grind it. Add some olive oil and mint leave powder in it. It’s an amazing scrub.
7th way:
  • 2 spoon chickpeas powder,turmeric ¼ spoons, poppies half spoon, honey half spoon. Add these ingredients in yogurt. Massage on face. You will get glowing and radiant skin!

If you want instant whitening skin, so use these remedies with one day gap. After scrubbing don’t use any face wash or scrub. So now it’s on you with which lentil you want to get glow!



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