Benefits of Pumpkin For Your Skin Make Beauty Masks


Today’s topic is Benefits of Pumpkin for your skin. Pumpkin is considered as a fruit. Pumpkin seeds were firstly found in Mexico between 7000 and 5500 B.C. Pumpkin has various sizes and shapes. It has bright orange color. In some countries it is cooked as a vegetable and in some it is eaten as a fruit. It is a giant fruit weighs from 4-6 kg. In western countries, pumpkin is used as a fruit, people of west use pumpkin in salads, bread, soup. And its seeds are used to make beauty masks and scrubs. In Asia, it is cooked with other vegetables and often used as a vegetable. It is cooked with meat.It is an amazing fruit and it cures many diseases.

Benefits of Pumpkin Nutrients:

Pumpkin contains low calories. It contains Vitamin A, flavonoid, polyphenolic antioxidants. Carotenes are richly found in it. It contains no saturated fat or cholesterol. Dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins are present richly in it. B-complex vitamins like foliates, niacin, vitamin B-6, thiamin, and pantothenic acid. It also contains calcium, copper, potassium and phosphorus. Vitamin E and A generates new cells and eliminate toxins.

Benefits of Pumpkin
Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkin-For heart:

The seeds of pumpkin containphytosterols that reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.

Benefits of Pumpkin For Skin:

Carotenoids in the pumpkin keep cancer cells at bay and keep skin wrinkle free.

Seeds- Boost the Mood:

Pumpkin seeds are rich in aminoacid which is important in production of serotonin, which boost the mood. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc which playsan important role in men’s sexual health. It also cures infertility.

Pumpkin-For Skin:

Pumpkin contains selenium, Vitamin-E, and some important elements which is beneficial for skin. Selenium exfoliates the skin and removes the dark spots of the skin. Pumpkins are an amazing source of Vitamin A which is an anti-agingnutrient; Vitamin A generates new cells and makes skin younger.

Face pack for skin:

  • 2 teaspoon pumpkin puree
  • Half teaspoon honey
  • ¼ teaspoon milk cream/Brown sugar (for dry skin)
  • ¼ teaspoon vinegar
  • Make a paste of all this ingredients. Apply this mask all over the face except of eye area. Remove this paste with soft tissue.
Some facts about Pumpkin:
  • Each pumpkin has about 500 seeds. They are high in iron.
  • Pumpkin is actually a fruit.
  • Heaviest pumpkin weighs 2,323.7 pounds.
  • The oil extracted from pumpkin seeds is good for prostate which has become enlarged.
  • Pumpkin seeds help to get rid of parasites which make you sick.
  • Trytophan is an amino acid found in pumpkin which converts into serotonin which dozes off to sleep.
  • You can add pumpkin in your diet in many ways. In bread, in pies. You can also make pumpkin soup. And add roasted seeds of pumpkin on it.
  • Calcium in pumpkin helps to make your bones strong.


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